Votes for Women!

Votes for Women

41: Votes for Women.  This group, possibly outside the chapel at Carlin How, demonstrates once again the need that women of all ages and classes had to claim equality with men in the matter of the vote.  The word ‘liberty’ is written on one of the girls’ sashes.  Many well-to-do women resorted to violence, chaining themselves to railings, breaking windows, setting fire to houses and railway stations and destroying works of art.  When imprisoned, the women went on hunger strikes and had to be released.  The campaign continued until the outbreak of The Great War, when Mrs. Pankhurst lent her organisation to the cause of recruiting and munitions.  The war service of thousands of women did more to convince men that women should have the vote than all their previous demonstrations, and their aim was later achieved.

From “Loftus in old picture postcards” by Jean Wiggins. Reproduced by permission.

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