Loftus Senior School (1956)

Loftus Seniors

Again 1956 can you fill in the missing names?

Back row L-R:- John Ditchburn, Ken Greening, Bob Goldby.

Middle row L-R:-Michael Pearson (Staithes), ??, Michael Batchelor, Jean Shaw, Joyce Green, Michael Pearson(Loftus),Fred Baldwin, Willie Summerson, Mr Gratton.

Front row L-R:- ??, Sheila Thomas, ??, Audrey Magor, Jean Nelson, ??, ??, Wendy Green.

(Thanks to Eric Johnson for the updated names.)

Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress

Once again at Carlin How, don’t be shy – name yourself if you are there.

(Thanks to Mike Leyland for noting our incorrectly posted image – John)

We have a wealth of information from Derick Pearson – so I’ll quote it in full!

”I am certain this photo was taken at the bottom of Queen Street and Grosvenor terrace. The shop was Tom Hudsons shop. He later had a large shop at Skinningrove with his wife Doris and daughter. His Brother was Alf Hudson the local Coal Man. The man in the center of the photo is J Husband and the Lady to his right in white is Mrs Cook of Gladstone Street. She was wife of Mark (I think) and Mother of Brian, Gordon and another possibly called Billboy. The Yard door which is opened to the extreme left was The Dairy owned by Blind Mr Jacobs and his wife. He used to drive a 3 wheeled motorbike unit about until his eyesight got too poor. They had a son called Harry and a grandson called Billy who moved down south. At The front side of that house on Brotton road was Swinertons Chemist shop at that time. The 3 blacked up gents are the same ones on the photo in the Club Hall grounds on the deckingboards with Lanc Lightfoot(Ghandi) This was obviously the same day.”

(Thanks for all this information Derick – rodders)

(photo courtesy of Eric Johnson)

Tug O’ War

Tug O’ War

This image has caused some discussion! Terry Clarke identifies the place as ”Ben Scott’s playing field” on North Road, Loftus; with Clive (Sam) Simpson encouraging the team. The team is identified as The Jets (later known as Carlin How Jubilee Boomers and then Sam’s Triers).

Tom Webster advises: ”This dates from the late 80′s, early 90′s and was part of a Loftus Fun Day organised by The Civic Trust/Loftus Development Trust and others. Two of the organisers Alan Caldwell and Jane Taylor, from the Loftus Civic Trust are seated on the grass.”

(photo courtesy of Eric Johnson and thanks to Terry and Tom for that updates.)



Another photo kindly loaned to us by Neil Suckling who asked where was the photo taken? My thoughts are that it is Skinningrove works, but I can be wrong as proved so often in the past. What do you think?

Eric Johnson suggests: ”if this is skinningrove, it dates from the introduction of steelmaking. at the left of photo is the new talbots building, at this stage only one furnace of about 250 tons capacity was operating. a glimpse through a gap in the sheeting appears to be a high ground type charging machine having driven one in my time later in the life of the plant. moving right, next to the water tower the large pipe is part of the gas producers, with the tall tower the coal hoist to feed the retorts. and behind the large building is the new power house. the men appear to be standing on the site of the soaking pits and 36inch mill.”

Thanks to Eric for the update.

Soldiers – 1919

Soldiers - 1919

Neil Suckling sent us this image and we had a query about it. We can now reveal all!

”In 1919 a war shrine was given by the Marchioness of Zetland in memory of the dead of the 1914-1918 war. Her Ladyship unveiled the shrine and a dedication service was conducted by the Archbishop of Cleveland… The shrine was at the base of the Town Hall Tower where the present day noticeboard is situated. After the service the buglers of the Loftus Boy Scouts sounded ”The Last Post”. The shrine was removed in 1949 for safekeeping.” Details from Eric Jackson’s book ”People of the Past in Loftus”.

Thanks to Eric Johnson for directions to this information.

Skinningrove Senior School (1952?)

Skinningrove Seniors

We think it was about 1952 when this photo was taken.

Back row L-R:- Joe England, Brian Yeoman,Brian Jemson, Raymond Hicks, Richard Matthews, Laurence Smith, Billy Hughes.

Third row L-R:- Ann Seymour,Ann Pinkney,  Eunice McLean, ??, Joy Auckland, Jean Mellor, Sheila Partlett, IslaRobinson, Lillian Wood.

Second  row L-R:- Ivy Metcalf, Pamela Smith, Mary Bray, Carol Shaw, Joan Pearson, ??, Margaret Bowers, Betty Winspear, Audrey Cornforth, Pauline Campbell.

Front row L-R:- Derick Smith, ??, Norman Trattles, Peter Libby, Billy Pearson, Eric Rowe.

Do you know any of the missing names?

(photo courtesy of Eric Husband/Eric Rowe and thanks to Phil Ransome for the update.)

Brigantes (1951)


Here we are back in 1951 when over 400 children from Loftus, Carlin How and Skinningrove took part in the Festival of Britain pageant in Hird’s field Loftus. The pageant showed a large audience how their ancestors lived worked and clothed from the early days to the present day even a glimpse into the future, or what they thought would be the future.

Two of the children there are:- Ian Smith and Micket Dorgan. Can you see yourself there or do you know any of the children?