Adela Pankhurst at Loftus

Adela Pankhurst

40: Advocates of women’s suffrage, Emmeline (Amelia) Pankhurst and her family led thousands of women in their demand for votes for women at the turn of this century.  Many women in the north-east supported her cause and became increasingly militant.  In 1910 Winston Churchill, then a Liberal MP, who opposed the movement and his wife and family were visiting Sir William Watson MP at his home, Rushpool Hall.  The suffragettes, who were meeting at Loftus, travelled to Saltburn determined to protest and tried to push the Churchills into a small lake, being prevented only by the intervention of bystanders.  This photograph of a meeting being held by Adela Pankhurst in Loftus in 1910 shows many more men than women listening to her speech.  I wonder if they supported her cause?

From “Loftus in old picture postcards” by Jean Wiggins. Reproduced by permission.

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