A Party?

A Party?

I think these ladies are in the Congregational Church, Loftus. I don’t know all of the ladies’ names, but some of them are:-

L to R :- ??, ??, Mrs. Benson, Miss Thompson (her father was a builder), ??, Mrs. Nellie Middleton, Mrs. Wood,(nee Ebditch, her husband could often be seen in and around Loftus sitting at his easel painting beautiful water colours) Miss Hugill (a teacher), Mrs Davey (nee Pybus, a teacher), Mrs. Jackson.

Can you name the remaining ladies.

Thanks Kate for that name – rodders
Thanks to Paula Dickinson’s great aunt Rose Brown for all the names – we only have three to find now!

(photo loaned to us by Mrs Waton)


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  1. I was showing this picture to my great aunt, Rose Brown and she said that the lady 4th from the left (the lady with the hat) was Miss Thompson (her father was a builder), Mrs Wood’s maiden name was Ebditch. The lady 3rd from the right was Miss Hugill (she was a teacher) and the lady 2nd from the right Mrs Davey (nee Pybus, also a teacher)

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